Apartments in Chianti

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Podere Oliveta consists of two houses that are home to 5 independent apartments, which are beautifully located high on a hill, for a vacation near San Gimignano.

The goal that we at Podere Oliveta want to achieve is to give our guests a holiday in Tuscany where they can relax. 

For this reason  we decided that each apartment has its own separate entrance, its own garden with barbecue, table and chairs and is surrounded by a hedge, ensuring everyone’s privacy.

Each room is furnished and decorated with care, and is equipped with all amenities.

The apartments are named after a bird species typical of the region: Passero” (Sparrow), “Falco” (Falcon), “Gufo” (Owl), “Rondine” (Swallow) and “Pettirosso” (Robin Red-breast).


Here you can relax by the pool surrounded by a terrace for sunbathing which has an incredible view of the hills covered with olive groves, the majestic woods of cypress trees and the beautiful towers of San Gimignano.

Book Starting from 60€/ per night